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Tank and Tankless Water Heater Leasing

At Dial Plumbing and Air Conditioning Inc., we strive to make our clients’ lives as easy as we possibly can. That’s why we offer leasing agreements on both tank and tankless water heaters for homeowners with approved credit. You can choose from models powered by natural gas, electricity, or propane. 

The best part of leasing your water heater from Dial Plumbing and Air Conditioning Inc. is that any issues with the equipment that involve repairs or replacement cost you nothing other than your monthy payments. Electric and natural gas systems start at $12.50 a month plus tax, propane systems start at $16.50 a month plus tax, and tankless systems start at $30.00 a month plus tax.

Our leasing agreements begin with a two-year contract. After the first two years, you’ll simply continue to make the monthly lease payments without having to sign a new contract. If you wish to terminate the contract within the two years, the cost is $200.00 and we’ll remove the equipment from your home. 

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