New System Installation

Project Description

Older inefficient Tempstar air conditioning equipment was being used in this residents home. Their main complaints were that the AC equipment does not cool like it used to and their electric bills were soaring high. Dial Plumbing and Air Conditioning did an evaluation of the homes energy consumption, heat load of the house, and diagnoses of the existing AC equipment.

The conclusion was that the older AC system needed to be retired and since energy consumption was a major concern for this customer, a new higher SEER Trane XL18i system was put in place. This high SEER condensing unit connected to Trane's Energy Efficient XV80 Gas Furnace was the perfect combination to achieve this homeowners goal of energy savings.

Project Details
  • Type:
    New System Installation.
  • Project:
    New install of Trane equipment.
  • Details:
    Trane's XL18i condensing unit with XV Gas Furnace combination achieves a higher SEER rating and lower energy consumption compared to the old worn out system that used to reside here.
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